Hospital Appointment and Rolls

1- After being admitted, to control the order and comfort of the hospital, in case of necessary and with the permission of Head Nurse of award, only one person will accompany the patient.

2- Replacement of clothes and linen is done by award services.

3- At the time of admission, patient’s clothes, money and the valuables things deliver to the patient companion.

4- Due to your health risk, do not touch serum, blood and devices witch use for patient treatment.

5- Stop smoking in the patient's room and the hospital coordinate.

6- Avoid bringing extra supplies.

7- Don’t sit on the patient’s bed and the floor for avoid injury to the patient and prevent the infecting and transmitting the disease.

8- In the hospital environment, do not talk loudly and stop using cell phones in ward.

9- Ask the nurse how to get into the isolation room, if the patient is infected with the contagious disease and is cared in a separate room.

10- Avoid bringing food in large quantities to prevent it from rotting.

11- Inform the nurse if you have any special illness or continuous medication.

12- Refrain from bringing children under the age of 12 to visit, because children are more at risk for the disease.

13- Avoid congestion during the hours of visiting and not meeting at the patient's bedside.

14- Be careful about the cleaning and maintenance of used equipment such as telephone, refrigerator, window lining and etc.

15- Put your garbage in a blue recycle bin. Yellow recycle bin are for medical waste.

16- Wash your hands with soap to keep your health and the hospital clean.

17- The meeting hours are as follows:

Morning: 09:30 - 11:30

Afternoon: 14:30 - 17:30

18- You can go to the dining hall in the fourth floor to receive food. Prayer room is available in third floor.

19- If case of having complaints, call the following phone numbers:

Technical Officer: 044-31944644

Internal management: 044-31944332

Public Relations: 044-31944250

Nursing office management: 044-31944200

Nursing office: 044-31944288 24Hr

IVR: 044-33469422 24Hr

20- Complaints and Suggestions box is available in each ward.

21- In case of need to contact with Patient physician, Notify Nurse Shift.