Guidance of Clients

Guidance of Clients

Thanks to the goodness of your choice and the wish of the health and healing of all patients in order to guide and speed up the health and medical services as well as the satisfaction of the dear customers in order to establish the clinical governance of this guide. The Azerbaijani Hospital has the following parts.


Emergency Department - Radiology, CT Scan, Ultrasonography and OPG - Laboratory and Pathology - Cash - General Operation Room II - Emergency Room

Ground Floor

Management, Nursing Office, IPD, Insurance, Discharge, Cashier, Call Center, Coffee Shop

First Floor

Department of Women's Surgery, Obstetrics, Neonatal Ward and Children, Vaccination, NICU, Meeting Hall

Second Floor

Department of Men's and General Surgery, ICU, Dialysis, International Patient Department (IPD)

Third Floor

Interior, Prayer Room, CCU, POST CCU, Endoscopy and Colonoscopy, Echo, Exercise Test, EES, EMS, NCU, TCD, Bronchoscopy

Fourth Floor

Restaurant, Kitchen, Nutrition Expert

Administrative building

Director Office, IT, HR&PR Management

Outside Aria

Bank, Pharmacy, Medical Records, Packing


Admission Processes:

Step One:  Submitting the physician’s order letter for hospitalization, and admitting arrangement

Step Two:  Referring to the Cashier

Step Three: Transferring the Birth Certificate or the valid ID card for filing

Step Four: Filling the necessary consent applications

Step Five: Determining of relevant ward and bed by assistance of the Admission

Step Six: Issuing the accompanied card upon patient’s request by assistance of the Admission

Step Seven: Fixing the ID Bracelets on patient’s hand

Step Eight: Approving patient’s ID and his/her companions by the Admission responsible in charge

Step Nine:  Delivering the Health Bag of Azarbaijan Hospital for patient’s comfort by Admission

Step Ten: Transferring Patient to the desired ward by assistance of  "Welcome Nurse"

Discharge Processes

Step One: Issuing permission letter of the physician to represent the patient’s leave, since without physician’s order is impossible.

Step Two: Filling the Patient’s file by the relevant department, and the secretary in charge presents the patient’s file to Discharge department.

Step Three: Calling from Hospital Fund department to the patient’s room to accelerate discharge processes.

Step Four: Educating the patients by related department nurses to prepare them for home cares

Step Five: Removing the needle (catheter)

Step Six: Submitting permission letter of the physician to the Nursing and Security departments by the patient’s accompanist

Step Seven:  Discharging of the patient by the assistance of a nurse assist