About Us

The specialty and specialized hospital of Azarbaijan started its work in 1993 to provide specialized medical care with the cooperation of the most experienced medical staff and advanced equipment.
The center, in addition to the first level facilities and in addition to the expertise of internal surgery, obstetrics, obstetrics and anesthesiology, has specialized in other disciplines such as neurology, infectious and pathology, and laboratory and dialysis and cardiopulmonary and cardiac scans, and laser and dental centers...
The hospital with an area of 8333 square meters consists of eleven sections (which include general surgery with 46 active beds with 11 active beds - internal with 38 active beds - ccu with 9 active beds - post ccu with 4 active beds - women with 48 beds Active - Children with 5 active beds - Childbirth with 7 active beds - Operative room with 8 active beds - Emergency room with 13 active beds - Dialysis with 3 active beds.
The paraclinical aspect also has a clinical laboratory - radiology - pathology - ultrasonography - CT scan - endoscopy - bronchoscopy - spirometry - laser - crusher - NCU - EMCS - Ees - TCD-echo - exercise test.

Azarbayjan Hospital Mission:
The mission of the Azerbaijan hospital is patient safety, continuous improvement of the quality of services and increased satisfaction of this hospital with the aim of completing the level of specialized and specialized care since 1993, and the general and specialized objectives of the hospital are:

•    Increasing satisfaction, respect and accountability, and attracting patients' trust
•    Manage human and physical capital
•    Measuring the quality of health care and care provided
•    Improving the efficiency of the healthcare logistics system

Hospital Perspective
The hospital intends to achieve its overall goals by creating the necessary facilities to facilitate the access of clients to the health services offered at the center, with the best quality, with due respect to professional ethics and respect for human dignity and observance. Maximum standards for the Ministry of Health provide facilities for all clients.

Hospital administrators

Managing Director                                                Technical Officer                                  Internal Director

Dr. Masoud Fallahi Motlagh                              Dr. Yaghoub Saghat Forush                   Farrokh Mujahid

 Ethical charter of the staff of the Azerbaijani Hospital :
•    The employees of this hospital are committed to themselves, but are proud of the honest services to the people and believe that the consent of the Creator is covenant.

•    Attempting and using and optimizing the use of new technology and preparing the appropriate space to provide more desirable and valuable services to customers is one of the priorities of the center.

•    Honesty, intimacy, and admiration with responsive responses to clients and responsiveness to performance is the duty of all of us.
•    Our goal is to provide the right quality services, correct and timely treatment of patients, and efforts to satisfy them.
•    Timeliness, discipline, seriousness and compassion in providing services and trying to understand and meet the expectations of clients other than the duties of employees.
•    Timeliness, discipline, seriousness and compassion in providing services and trying to understand and meet the expectations of clients other than the duties of employees.
•    It is our duty to maintain orderliness and apparel, respect, respect and respect for the patient.
•    Our success depends on teamwork and the continuous promotion of quality and development in all-encompassing is our goal.
•    The center believes that customers are the ultimate referees of the quality of service and the reason for the survival of any organization, so we will continue to work to maintain and improve the quality and quantity of services and, ultimately, patient satisfaction.

Geographic location and cultural and native characteristics of the people of the region

West Azarbaijan province is one of 32 provinces of Iran that is located in the northwest of this country. Weather in Azarbaijan is a mountainous province. The province has an area of about 43660 square kilometers including Urumieh Lake and the population of the province is 2080576 people.
Western Azerbaijan has always been the home of a variety of tribes with diverse cultures. The culture of people in this area is formed in connection with the factors and the geopolitical - historical - religious multiplicity and influenced by numerous social and historical trends. Each tribe has its own native culture. The people of Azerbaijan have maintained their indigenous traditions despite attacks by ethnic groups against their ethnic traditions. Many of the ancient Iranian customs of the material-Achaemenid, Parthian-Sassanid periods ... have remained among the people in many respects.

Language and dialect of the people of the province
In the past, the cities of the region, the tribes, in the hereditary manner of their ancestors, are busy with their everyday lives, ignoring the fact that their livelihoods are so unforgettable to the lovers of social attractions that they are willing to work hard to see this way of life. Roasted. The villages in the province of West Azerbaijan include: Il Sheikh and Bigghzadeh - Il Milan - Il Qarapap Nag Nahdeh - Il Mangor with 6 clansa.