Seemingly mild Omicron still murderous

TEHRAN – Reporting the first three lives claimed by apparently mild coronavirus variant can bring back the dark days of three-digit deaths so that it should be taken more seriously.

It was in late December 2021 that a new corona strain began to invade some countries, a variant that was thought to be milder, and this perception led some to abandon the observance of protocols and even the use of masks.

The number of Omicron infections in the country has reached 1,162. Despite public optimism for Omicron, health experts and virologists have warned from the outset about the abnormality and seriousness of the new variant, and the need to continue to follow health protocols, complete vaccinations, inject the third dose, and even tighten the restrictions.

On Saturday, Health Ministry reported three deaths from the highly contagious Omicron strain.

"The number of Omicron infections in the country has reached 1,162. Cities of Tabriz, Yazd, and Shahrekord have each reported a death due to the new variant, while a critically ill patient is hospitalized in Ahvaz," health ministry official Mohammad Hashemi said, warning people to take it seriously.

“The people who lost their lives of Omicron were elderly and had not been fully vaccinated (three doses).

Also, in old age, there is a high risk of various diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and this makes the need to pay more attention, he further stressed.

Meanwhile, deputy health minister Saeed Karimi said that the number of positive tests for "Omicron" has increased, raising the alarm for Omicron in the country while stressing the need for medical centers to be ready.

Also, the cheapest, safest, and most accessible way to prevent virus transmission and infection is to follow health protocols, so that people must stick to the hygiene principles to survive from the new strain.